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Membership can be a confusing term in today’s world and can often leave people wondering if it is necessary.  How often have you asked a store clerk “Do I need to be a member?”  In other words, what benefits can I gain or potentially lose by a decision to be a part or not?


Membership in the church is different.  It is not about what we receive, but what we contribute to the life of the church.  We get the word from what it means to be a part of a larger whole while having different gifts and abilities within the whole. Our Scripture (Bible) example is one in which membership is spoken of in terms of a body, leading to questions as to how the foot relates to the hand or the ear to the eye, etc.  Our view of membership is one which promotes the individual gifts as gifts that God has given so that the larger body (the church) may be fully equipped to do the work that Christ has called us to.  Membership is a commitment to the larger body of the church whereby we give of ourselves to enhance the work of Jesus Christ.  When we enter into membership we make strong commitments to one another.


We offer an opportunity several times a year to explore what Membership means.  This is always a chance to ask questions and receive clarity.  It is only after such an exploration that a person may choose to enter into Membership with the church.




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