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Small Groups 


In addition to the many relationships one forms in our church, one also has the benefit of being part of a small group where additional care and concerns are shared and carried.


Congregational Care Teams 


Everyone in our congregation is cared for.  In addition to having a connection through one’s small group, we have an additional level of care in which an Elder-Deacon team is assigned to every member.  We believe ministry is the work of the full congregation, therefore these Elder-Deacon teams join with the ministry staff in visitation and ministry.


Pastoral Care 


The Senior Pastor and other ministry staff are available to provide pastoral care and counseling as is appropriate.


Love One Another Team 


We want to pursue Jesus’ command to love one another and so we have a team set aside for this purpose. This team performs a number of ministries that directly affect the many nuances of our shared life together in those times we really need to know others care for and love us.




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Sunday - 11:00 am

Second Reformed Church 


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