Second Reformed Church

The Stained-Glass Windows of Second Reformed Church

Our unusual stained-glass windows are one of the most striking features of our sanctuary. They set the tone for worship and present our heritage of Christianity in a unique and exciting creation. The beautiful light and color alone present a valuable visual impact, but the windows, designed by Willett Studios of Philadelphia, also make a significant statement of our theology. The viewer’s interpretation of the semi-abstract windows is limited only by their imagination and their concept of Christianity, but the viewer may be aided in this process by a brief description of the overall theme and contribution of each window. 


The white circle symbolizes the Creator who is the source of light. A beam from the source of light makes earth visible as it is being created


A rainbow stretches from the creation window into this one, representing God’s covenant with Noah after the flood. Also represented are Mount Sinai, where the Ten Commandments were received, and the pillars of fire and cloud that guided the children of Israel through the wilderness.


At the center is Christ, the light of the world. His halo shines with golden light which falls on the kneeling human being to whom Christ’s hands are extended in benediction, and who kneels within a chalice as a symbol of the purifying blood of Christ.


The child represents the baptized member of the church, who will, as he grows, help others by helping hands, the scales of justice, and a loving heart. The church is symbolized by a sailing ship, steered by the light of the star, Christ.


A golden temple along the right side represents the Holy City. Two books appear in the window: the Book of Life, in which the names of the blessed are inscribed, and the empty book symbolizing those not entered in the Book of Life.