Second Reformed Church

Going into all the world

We Support these missionary teams

Craig and Krista Hollander

RCA missionaries Craig and Christa Hollander partner with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF). They provide mission aviation and repair services to people groups in remote areas of Indonesia. They began service in 2000. 

Both Craig and Christa have been interested in mission work since they were young. They met at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, where Craig studied mission aviation and Christa studied Bible and theology. As a pilot and mechanic for MAF in Kalimantan (Borneo), Indonesia, Craig serves by “flying pastors, missionaries, doctors, the sick and injured, government officials, food, animals, Bibles, educational materials, building supplies, and anything or anyone you can imagine in direct support of MAF’s reason for being—to multiply the effectiveness of the church by using aviation and other strategic technologies that conquer barriers in reaching the world for Christ.” 

Craig and Christa have three children, Faith, Sean, and Mercy. They both serve in partnership with MAF.

Wayne and Miho Jansen

RCA missionaries Wayne and Miho Jansen teach practical theology and develop the Clinical Pastoral Education program at Tokyo Union Theological Seminary (TUTS) in Tokyo, Japan. They began service in 1991. 


As a homeroom teacher for the freshman class, Wayne gets to know newcomers to the seminary and provides pastoral care for them through their time at TUTS. He also works with the seminary’s Clinical Pastoral Education program.


Miho teaches English part-time at a Christian high school, helps the faculty and staff translate articles and documents, and often entertains students and church members at home.  She has a degree in linguistics and has taught English in Japan and Japanese at Hope College in Holland, Michigan.

Miho and Wayne met at a worship service at Yokohama Union Church in 1986. They have twin sons, Manato Thomas and Megumu David. 

Wayne serves in partnership with the United Church of Christ in Japan.