Second Reformed Church

Sharing our faith and practice

A spiritual foundation generations deep

Our heritage of faith

Kalamazoo’s Second Reformed Church is a member of the Reformed Church in America (RCA)—the oldest Protestant denomination in North America. The origins of the RCA date back to 1628 when a group of some fifty people gathered around a table in a mill loft in New Amsterdam to celebrate the Lord’s Supper. One of the early church buildings (pictured here) was constructed in the town of Bushwick, New York in 1711. Our congregation was established in Kalamazoo in 1885, and our current building was dedicated in 1974.

Living our faith

Serving the Risen Christ

Second Reformed Church is a diverse congregation of believers united by our love for our Lord, Jesus Christ. We are deeply rooted in the Word of God and in the historic Christian faith. We seek to both stir God’s flock and strengthen it! Most of all, we are a community of deep faith and loving fellowship—truly a Second family!

We value worship that is traditional yet alive with passion for the Lord. Sermons are biblically based and speak the eternal truths of God’s Word for our day.

We strive to put Christ FIRST and to empower each member to be ministering agents beyond the walls of the church. To that end, we are a missional church called to reach out and witness to ANYONE who is spiritually hungry, sharing the joy of new life in Christ, whether rich or poor, young or old, churched or unchurched, sinner or saint. We serve Christ most fully when our church body is a glorious diversity of people. We confess we are all beggars at the mercy seat of Christ!

Our direction today

Mission statement

To enthusiastically engage in an outward focus using the gifts and talents of our members to help people—sharing the Good News of a risen Christ with heart, character, and trust in God.

Vision statement

We are called to prayerfully encourage and nurture those who God has placed in our path.